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Apr 2019


An interactive installation built for the 2 Turven Hoog toddler-festival. A physical and sonic landscape built with large card-board cylinders.

Buizerd encourages both the toddlers and the parents to explore how things interact, feel, sound or vibrate. The explorer is rewarded for their explorations with auditive and visual feedback.

The installation has four sound sources which react to the explorer using pressure and light sensors. Three speakers are hidden inside the cylinders and one surface transducer is attached to a lid. One of the taller cylinders has LED lights inside which react to sound. The cylinders have different finishes: artificial grass, yoga or rubber mats and tied rope.

Designed and built together with:
Eefje Crüts
Daphne Verschore
Kim Rombouts

Sep 2018


A paint tool concept where pixels near the cursor move and leave trails of bright colors behind.

Click here to try it out yourself!

Mar 2018


A glitch art project in which I've applied some audio processing techniques to pixels. Simple effects like filters and delays are applied when iterating through the pixels.

The mouse can be used to draw dots on the screen which will serve as impulse for the effects. You can also merge webcam input or noise into the frame resulting in more variation.

Nov 2017


An image processor which make glitch art from loaded images. The application is based on the concept of 'pixelsorting'.