Jan 2020 | research

PRP Voyager: an instrument employing complex mapping to generate complex music

A paper written together with Fedde ten Berge about the PRP Voyager. The paper is to be published at the International Computer Music Conference in 2021.

A youtube link will be inserted here at a later date, we are still editing video footage

The PRP Voyager is a generative musical instrument with a complex mapping interface based on user made presets. Presets are prepared beforehand or made during improvisation. Pulse envelopes are generated using the Pseudo Random Pulse (PRP) algorithm. The envelopes can be utilized to mask a broad variety of carrier oscillator algorithms. PRP generates patterns with a pseudo random quality that serve as a distinct musical language. The PRP patterns can be recorded and looped to create repeating patterns while still retaining a certain sense of pseudo randomness within the groove of the loops. This paper discusses the implementation, and development of the algorithm and instrument.