About me

Ward Slager (1996, The Netherlands) is a sound artist, creative system designer and electronic musician.

With a strong interest in algorithmic music, sound and bringing this into the physical domain he works on a variety of instruments, installations and other works. Within his practice he writes his own software, designs custom electronic circuits and constructs whatever needed to achieve said works.

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Selected performances
HKU M&T: E-Live Pandora's Box 2020
Various venues Kijk mam! (live music for a play by Ieke van Dam) 2020
STEIM Connector XXI Springlevend 2019
HKU / EKKO / Uncloud / FIBER / CCU Algorave 2018

Selected exhibitions
Prague Quadrennial 2019 t r e e s t a r t i m e 2019
2 Turven Hoog Buizerd 2019

International Computer Music Conference 2020 "PRP Voyager: an instrument employing complex mapping to generate complex music" (with Fedde ten Berge) 2020

STEIM STEIM research group 2019–2020
STEIM Internship, building the PRP Voyager with Fedde ten Berge 2018–2019
HKU Music & Technology Teaching assistant (programming, electronics, algorithmic composition) 2017–2020

HKU Music & Technology Bachelor of Science (double honours) 2016–2020

Performing with Pandora's Box