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Aug 2022


Light design and technical production for a theater play by theater group Matrose in Rijksmonument Slot Zuylen.

In the play 'BELLE', the audience is led through various rooms of the national monument Slot Zuylen, while following a story about the early life of Belle van Zuylen. The castle, which nowadays is open for the public as museum, has been given a neon makeover using various forms of LED lightning.

Waan je in het leven van de rebelse Belle van Zuylen in een 360 graden theaterervaring dwars door Slot Zuylen

Belle wordt in 1740 geboren in een adellijke familie op Slot Zuylen. Al vroeg wordt zij geroemd om haar intelligentie en nieuwsgierigheid naar de wereld. Haar gedachtes vangt ze in gedichten en korte verhalen. Maar wanneer je vrouwelijke schoonheid je hoogste goed is en er van je verwacht wordt dat je trouwt met een goede partij, hoeveel blijft er dan nog over? Verblind door regels en privileges, weigert Belle zich te schikken.

Ze is uitgegroeid tot een boegbeeld in de strijd voor vrouwenrechten, maar tegelijkertijd een baken van ongelijkheid. In BELLE waan je je in een 360° theaterervaring in het leven van Belle van Zuylen. Een locatievoorstelling over het vieren van je eigen zijn en het bevechten van je vrijheid.

Photos by Jan Amse

More info on the play can be found here.

Sep 2020

Automatic Stream Retrieval System

Software to stream video feeds from unprotected IP camera's from all over the world to a Raspberry Pi.

The system streams from a database of IP camera's which are not protected by a password. In a continuous loop the Python script is selecting an IP address from the database and streams for about half a minute. After that the stream is closed and another random stream is selected. The script runs on Raspberry Pi's requiring just power and a connection to the internet. The scripts starts on boot and keeps track of which IP addresses actually still work and stores those in a so-called curated list.

The images as streamed from these IP camera's are often some form of surveillance like in hotels, beaches, offices, backyards or marinas but sometimes also industrial equipment or panoramic views.

The Automatic Stream Retrieval System was developed for the third iteration of panOptical by Roel Weerdenburg. The images presented on this page depict the Automatic Stream Retrieval System used as part of panOptical as presented at Ars Electronica 2020 and GOGBOT 2020.

Jan 2020

Kijk mam!

Live music for a theater play inspired by 'The still face experiment' exploring the influence of the mother-child relation in our way of communicating.

Mothers, we can't live without them. The mother's heartbeat is the first sound you hear. It is the beginning of a livelong connection. 'Kijk mam!' ('Look mom!' in Dutch) is a play about contact inspired by 'The still face experiment' of Dr. Edward Tronick. To understand how we communicate with our surroundings we have to look back at our first connection. What influence does the maternal bond have on our way of communicating? And what happens if this contact is disrupted?

The entirety of the composition is based around the heartbeat. The heartbeat is almost always there, either in patterns and rhythms or actually as a heartbeat. The heartbeat drives the dreamy opening, the upbeat playful sequence and the slow decline from contact through denial into desperation. Halfway through the play a live looper is used to symbolize growing up. As the older input slowly fades away the looper is filled with darker words while the heartbeat keeps going. Tension rises and so does the rate of the heartbeat. Near the end of the play suddenly the heartbeat stops together with all electronic sounds. With the heartbeat almost taken for granted now its absence signifies its importance.

Made together with:
Performers: Didi van Catz, Linde van Dorp, Anne Scheurer en Ebony Wilson
Composer: Ward Slager
Playwright: Maaike van Maltha
Dramaturge: Laura van Gurp
Concept and director: Ieke van Dam

Jun 2019

t r e e s t a r t i m e

An installation in which people are invited to join in creating together. While listening to the stimulating music people gaze into a detailed network of threads and add to it using the spool of thread they were given.

The project is part of the PQ Waltz, an initiative by Trudi Maan, Henny Dörr and Anne Habermann where the international community was invited to slow travel to the The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

t r e e s t a r t i m e was conceptualized and realized by Ward Slager, Ivo Smit, Jitte van Veen and Pleun Verhees under supervision of the University of the Arts Utrecht. The project includes music by Jitte and Ward, texts by Ivo, clothing by Pleun, a website and a timelapse video by Ward.

Article cover photo by Eva Neužilová

Apr 2019


An interactive installation built for the 2 Turven Hoog toddler-festival. A physical and sonic landscape built with large card-board cylinders.

Buizerd encourages both the toddlers and the parents to explore how things interact, feel, sound or vibrate. The explorer is rewarded for their explorations with auditive and visual feedback.

The installation has four sound sources which react to the explorer using pressure and light sensors. Three speakers are hidden inside the cylinders and one surface transducer is attached to a lid. One of the taller cylinders has LED lights inside which react to sound. The cylinders have different finishes: artificial grass, yoga or rubber mats and tied rope.

Designed and built together with:
Eefje Crüts
Daphne Verschore
Kim Rombouts

Sep 2018


A paint tool concept where pixels near the cursor move and leave trails of bright colors behind.

Click here to try it out yourself!

Mar 2018


A glitch art project in which I've applied some audio processing techniques to pixels. Simple effects like filters and delays are applied when iterating through the pixels.

The mouse can be used to draw dots on the screen which will serve as impulse for the effects. You can also merge webcam input or noise into the frame resulting in more variation.

Nov 2017


An image processor which make glitch art from loaded images. The application is based on the concept of 'pixelsorting'.