Jun 2020 | software | music

Sounds Like Juggling

An instrument commissioned for a music theater play which plays various sounds when a ball rolls past the sensor.

The instrument, specifically designed for the music theater play 'Sounds Like Juggling', can be attached to a large ball run and plays various samples based on the size of the ball.

The system uses a distance sensor to detect and measure balls, and sends a message over WiFi to a Raspberry Pi which plays the samples. Different samples can be loaded into the device and the sensor has two sides, each with a different set of samples assigned. Both sides of the sensor can be individually disabled and the sensor runs off an powerbank fitted in the handle.

Several electroacoustic instruments have been developed for this play. In the process of designing instruments for the play I provided consultancy on technical matters.

Sounds Like Juggling is a production by Arthur Wagenaar and Guido van Hout, also featuring Dianne Verdonk, Aleš Hrdlička and Joeri Vos.

Partners: Stichting Goed Bezig! with Veenfabriek, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Korzo, Werkplaats Diepenheim.